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4 Creative Ideas for Your Leftover Halloween Candy

4 Creative Ideas for Your Leftover Halloween Candy

Ideas for Halloween Candy

Hurray! Your little one is FINALLY old enough to take trick-or-treating! As much as you love how cute your toddler looks in that adorable costume, you may not be as thrilled about all the candy you are welcoming into your home post-Halloween. Here are a few tips about how to make the holiday fun and avoid weeks and weeks of a sugared up toddler, or worse, husband!

#1 – The Candy Fairy

So we all have heard of the tooth fairy, but a new trend is the Candy Fairy. After your toddler returns home, allow them to choose 1 candy for mommy, 1 for daddy, and 1 for themselves. (If there are siblings, then maybe 1 for them too!). Then take the rest of the candy and place it in a special bag for the Candy Fairy to pick up. Place the bag in a special place, and in the morning fill the bag with a special toy to replace the candy. If you are feeling extra festive, sprinkle a little glitter near the bag to make it feel a little magical in the morning when the kids find their gift.

#2 – Donate to the Troops

Operation Gratitude and Operation Shoebox are two wonderful organizations that benefits the troops. Donating your candy will mean yummy treats for those who are fighting for our freedom. Click one of the links above to find the nearest drop-off location in is your area. Some dental offices also serve as drop-off locations and will even give your toddler a special treat for helping serve this wonderful cause.

“Kids love trick-or-treating and all the sugary treats, but the sugar wreaks havoc on little teeth,” says Dr. Ryan McCall of McCall Family Dentistry in Geneva, IL.  “As parents, we know the leftover candy seems to last forever, so we decided to partner up with Operation Gratitude Candy Buy Back to try to give parents an alternative option.  When families come to our office to drop off candy we incentivize kids with cash for candy, and take the chance to educate them about preventative oral care.”

#3 – School Donations

Ask your daycare or school if they need “rewards” for their classrooms. By donating your candy you could help the school fill a special candy jar. This candy jar could be used for rewarding positive behavior or could be used for prizes on special occasions. This may also be a fun way for teachers to sneak a little treat during the day when the kids are not looking!

#4 – Counting, Colors, and Potty Training

If your little one snagged skittles, M&M’s or other small candies, these can be awesome tools for learning. Open up a bag and work on counting. Each time your child is able to count to 3 reward them with one of the bit sized treats. Potty training can be tough, and some kids respond best when there is a treat or reward involved. One M&M or bite-sized treat can be a special treat when your little one sits on the potty, or helps wipe, or heck actually pees in the potty! Another fun activity that involves candy is learning colors. Separate the Skittles or M&M’s by color and help teach your toddler how to identify colors. Once the activity is done, allow your helper to choose one bowl of colors as a treat!

Hopefully these tips will help you find creative ways to use your leftover Halloween candy.

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