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Summer Heat Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby / Toddler Cool

Help Keep Baby Cool

Summer Heat Safety: 5 Ways to Keep Your Baby / Toddler Cool

It is tough to keep little one’s cool in the summer heat. Having the right tools can make all the difference. Summer heat safety is so important. Every summer there are scary stories on the news about babies getting sick, having febrile seizures, or even dying from overheating. An infant or toddler cannot control its body temperature in the same way an adult can regulate theirs.

Help Keep Baby CoolWhen you are taking your baby or toddler out on a hot day to run errands or enjoy the day, it is important to equip yourself with all he or she will need. Always keep them well hydrated and make fluids readily available. Sunhats are a great way to keep the sun out of your baby or toddler’s eyes and help them stay cool.

In addition to fluids, and sunhats here are a few “Must Haves” to help you keep baby safe. Investing in these products could make your life easier and for less than $100, could potentially save your little one’s life.

1. A Sun Shield for Your Car: Use this whenever you leave your car. You can buy one for just the front window, or two to cover both the front and back windows. BONUS: It can be used as a privacy shield when you breastfeed in the car!

Car Sun Shade

2. A Seat Sun Cover for Your Car Seat: When you leave an infant or toddler seat in the car, it gets HOT! This cover helps to cool the car seat fabric and seriously helps with hot car seat buckles! A must.

Car Seat Sun Cover

3. Easy to Use Window Shades: Don’t fool around with stupid suction cups that “stick” to the window! Invest in a window shade that has clips that slide over the window and is easy to use. They come in regular size as well as extra long sizes for trucks or suv’s.

Window Shade for Baby

4. A Stroller Fan: Having a “stroller” fan is so awesome you should buy two. It can be used for walks or even to cool baby’s car seat before they get in it. This is a must! TIP: Keep extra batteries in your car at all times along with a small screwdriver as these fans eats them up quickly.

Stroller Fan

5. Muslin Swaddles / Blankets: Many moms already have these. Use these to cover your baby or toddler’s legs/feet/waist when going for a walk. Since it is white and airy, it will keep them cool, and protected from the sun. If the sun is intense, cover the whole stroller with one of these. BONUS: These can also be tied around your neck and used as a nursing cover.

Muslin Baby Blanket
I hope this helps some mommies and daddies! Keep baby safe by helping keep him/her cool this summer!

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